A Word About Dash Cams


The Dash Cam market has exploded over the last few years since the VideoCopilot first started selling Dash Cams back in March of 2009. There are a lot of choices available with a broad price range as well. All of our cameras are high quality and we have a good variety of features and sizes to accommodate almost any need you may have. If not, call me and I will see what we can do to get what you need.

We have seen many online retailers come and go. I get calls at times from someone asking if I know such and such company and how to contact them. They no longer answer the phone or their emails. In short, they are probably out of business because of the cheap junk they were selling.

I have been in business for myself since 2005 as Network Connections. My main income is from Computer and Network Service and installation. I also install Residential and Business Surveillance systems. In short, I am not going anywhere so you can trust me to be here many years from now till death do us part. I believe in video protection and recommend everyone have it in the car, business, and residence. Soon I will be selling High Definition Surveillance systems as well. And those will be only quality units as well from Vacron.

As most experienced consumers know, you get what you pay for. However, more expensive does not necessarily mean a better product. But in most cases, the cheaper products are in fact inferior. 

To get any sort of decent and reliable dash cam, you can expect to spend somewhere between $100.00 - $200.00.  I have seen cameras as cheap as $9.95!! Get real! You see some that all look the same and range in cost from $49 to $99. They also have the fake IR lights making you think they have "night vision" Not through glass. We sell cameras with IR but they must be outside to record outside at night. Light reflects off glass. So does Infrared.

I cannot tell you how many clients have told me they should have just spent more money to begin with than wasting money on those cheap units all over the internet and even in truck stops.

Here at the VideoCopilot, we will not sell a cheap product just to get the sale. We demand our product last for years and record video when it says it is and nothing less. Since we started selling Dash Cams in March of 2009 we have worked with the same factory because the quality is unsurpassed. We started with one unit and over the years we now have over 10 units that are made with quality components and built to provide years of service. We have units with 3 year warranties that is unprecedented in the dash cam business.

This gives us a measure of quality control we are very comfortable with. We have tested a lot of the budget units and wouldn't use them in our vehicle, much less sell them and expect you to use them. We want you calling back to buy more units not keep getting replacements!

We have a few points of consideration for you to read and consider so that you can make an informed decision before you buy a dash cam. After all, you do want it to do what you expect, just as we do.

What is or who has the best Dash Camera? I don't think anyone can claim that with absolute certainty.

 But we say with confidence, our Dash Cams are in fact some of the best dash cams available and will continue to be.

  • Our cameras are quality built you can feel when you hold them.
  • They are dependable and record when they are suppose to. Our cameras do not have a "reset" button. Why do you think those are on some cameras? Because they lock up, stop working, in short, not dependable at all.
  • We offer email and phone support praised by our clients. We hear this constantly.
  • Our warranty claim rate is far less than 1%. Even I am impressed with that! But that is why I only use the same factory. I want the best I can get at a reasonable cost like you do. Not the cheapest.
  • We offer a variety line up to accommodate your needs and are available to help you determine what is best for you. 
  • We are in Texas so in the unlikely event you did need warranty replacement, it happens within days. Not weeks.
  • If you buy a dash cam elsewhere, you really are making a mistake. Because we have taken the guess work out of it. 

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