About Night Vision

Night Vision Dash Cams. Where to start?

To begin with, there is no "night vision" through glass, Period. Those dash cameras with the LED lights on each side are just flat misleading. Cameras require some light source at night. Just as our eyes do.

There are cameras that have infrared lighting for night conditions. But they are installed outside not inside lookiing out through glass. Because it will reflect off the glass and create a white hot spot on the video and nothing more. 

Take a flashlight and try to look outside at night by shining the light through the glass. What can you see? The same thing a camera will. A big glare. 

Unless you actually put the flashlight directly in contact with the glass then look outside the flash light does no good. In fact, it blinds what little you could see without it.

There are ways to enhance the quality of video at night. But it does not involve LEDs down each side of the camera lens. And for the most part, external lighting is a must. 

Video Samples for night driving down a street lit up like the Las Vegas Strip is seriously misleading.  Do they ever show one on a road with just the headlights? Or maybe just some occasional street lights?

We provide night video samples on a road when our vehicle is the only car, driving down a street with a little traffic and street lights, and then intersections with more lighting. So you can get a real idea of the night quality. 

We don't drive downtown with all the neon signs lit up and street lights on both sides of the street. We feel that is deceptive information.

If there is an incident you need video evidence for, the light from your headlights and any other source will suffice. And that is what we expect from our dash cam. 

Don't be mislead by those sellers who provide only night driving samples in neon basked scenary. That should be a red flag right there. We insist on provided what you can genuinely expect from our products.

And our video samples have the actual sound recorded by the internal mic as well. We don't put some elevator music in the background. We insist on providing an actual sample that you can expect if you were testing the unit.