About Recording Format

Our Dash Cams record in H264 compressed format as do most quality Surveillance Systems and Dash Cams on the market. The formats do require a special software player to view the video. 

However, using the software that is provided with each unit and available for download as well on our website under the appropriate model number, you can select a start and end time then convert that segment to .avi format.

This format can be readily played on almost every player, dvd player, and uploaded on YouTube as well. 

Those Dash Cams that record in .avi format that can be played back by just inserting the card in the compurter and viewed without a player have an internal battery that allows the camera to save the video if power is cut off to the camera.

These units also record in segments that might be 2, 5, or 15 minute segments. And unfortunately most if not all stop recording while saving each segment in the .avi format. So there can be as must as 6 seconds lost between segments.

Now, a lot can happen in 6 seconds. So please consider that when you are choosing a dash cam. While it may be easier to view the  video, is it worth the risk of losing 6 seconds of critical video you might need?

These units also have a tendency to come with "reset" buttons. Hmmm. Do you get a chance to "reset" that camera just before an accident? Do you want to have to "reset" a camera that freezes up on a regular basis?  Reset means Reject! If you see cameras with a reset you need to "reject" that and look elsewhere?

Yes, we have tested those type of units. If it has a "reset" button, it is there for a reason. The unit freezes up at times. It's as simple as that!

Our units are based on the linux operating system for stability we can depend on. Our units are designed and manufactured by engineers that build home and business surveillance systems. 

You won't find "reset" buttons on our Dash Cameras. But you will be provided the player software required to view, backup, and convert the video to .avi format. You will need a PC runnning any version of Windows only, Not MAC