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Network Connections has been in business since the beginning of 2005 located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex in Plano, Texas. 75025

I can be contacted through the support page and will call you or give you my cell phone if you need to speak with me. I understand it is important that you know a little of who you are dealing with.

The primary business is PC/Mac Service and Networking.

We also install Surveillance Systems for Residential and Small Business.


How and why the VideoCopilot was started.

In the later part of 2002 my wife was forced into a curb by another driver who never stopped.

So we had to pay the deductibles on the insurance as well as car rental rather than the uninsured motorists provision paying these cost.

This was due to the fact we had no proof there was another vehicle involved.

That was when I realized that with today’s technology it should be feasible to have a dash cam in every car for minimal expense.

Making one proved harder than I had realized. So I put the idea on the back burner after months of research and testing.

After many years, I discovered that other companies had seen the possibilities and there were actually some units available from various manufacturers.

After testing many different models and configurations I selected the VC-100 as the first product to market.  Response was so good we now have many models to choose from for various needs. Technology has expanded to include speed and vehicle location in Google maps on the video.

I wanted something easy to install like a radar detector or GPS but still provide a quality video with time and date stamp.  It had to start recording as soon as you power on the ignition and loop over the oldest file so there was always an ongoing driving history.

These products met my expectations. Most are Linux based for stability and reliability like a TIVO or other TV DVR’s.  It has never failed to record in all the testing I have done and we use one in both cars. I use the VC-150HD and she likes the VC-250. Most women do like to be on camera.

It provides a safe feeling knowing that your dash cam is on the job recording while you drive throughout the day or night.

In my opinion, we should all have a dash cam in our car as we drive on a day to day basis. The evidence of crime we could provide, proof of liability in a fatal crash, or personal injury lawsuit evidence is unlimited.

Road rage on the road could be captured inadvertently. Just because you happened to be in the area and can download your video and search for it.

You have live video of an accident that happened in front of you. I am sure a lawyer would pay for that if it proved their insured was not liable.
Driving instructors and Flight Instructors may have a use for a Dash Cam

Not to mention checking the video to see where the kids went when they borrowed your car.

You can use it on your job to protect yourself against false accusations by others about your driving habits if you drive a company truck or monitor your employees driving habits.

Perhaps you are law enforcement and want to provide your own dash cam while on duty because the department does not have them in all cars. One police department wanted HD cameras for DWI stops.

Once you have had the dash cam installed, you might forget that it is always recording and there if you need it.  But it will be there if and when you need the video.

In my opinion, it's just a matter of time before a Dash Cam will be optional in new cars  and I think Insurance Companies will offer a discount for those that have one. Just as they do for the security systems in cars.

But you don't have to wait till later to have a Video Copilot watching out for you.

It is peace of mind for that time when you wish you had a recording.

With a Video Copilot, you will.

Don’t leave the garage without one.

 Important Fact to Consider when choosing a dash cam

Cameras that record in .AVI format record in Segments, such as 2, 5, or 15 minute segments. You need to know that while that camera is saving each segment, it is NOT recording. So you loose 4-6 seconds of time between each segment. That could be the video you needed, as a lot can happen in 6 seconds. That is why they have batteries in them to continue recording when the power is removed so they can save the file.

In General, if you do not need software to view the video, then the camera is saving files and there is a time that it is not recording while it is saving the file. It cannot record and save at the same time in AVI format.

That is why they have internal batteries. When the power is removed you would lose the entire segment from the beginning because it did not get a chance to save it.

This is because the video being recorded is stored in memory until the camera saves it and starts a new file much like your digital camera that saves the file after you take a picture.

They use a buffering system that puts the video in memory then saves it later on the card.


If you are serious about protection on the road, keep this thought in mind when viewing other cameras.

Contact the seller and ask about the time loss between segments. Please don't find out the hard way.