Our Mission Statement

Since March of 2009, TheVideoCopilot.com has emphasized the compelling need to have a Dash Cam for Video Evidence and tested many cameras to find the Best Value, Quality and Dependability in a Dash Cam


We have always focused on providing a quality product that will be dependable for years to come as our main mission. Our customer service is second to none!

We will not sell cheaper dash cams that have reset buttons, made of flimsy plastic or record .avi format in segments that in most cases have time loss between segments.

We believe a little more money spent on a better quality product is worth the dependable protection needed on our roads and highways today. A Dash Cam is not a car toy. It is a serious investment for protection that proves valuable in many instances.

We believe that investment should be on dependability and quality not cheapest or most expensive. We had strict criteria when we started selling Dash Cams 8 years ago. We are still in business because of that criterion where many have come and gone.

Our decision to use only one factory for our product was based on extensive testing from other factories that simply were not a Dash Cam we would use personally.

So why would we expect you to?

We have wasted the money testing those cheaper units so you do not have to. We have only 1 factory making our dash cams and as a result a warranty return rate of less than 1%! 

I am totally impressed with the quality of my products as my clients are as well. Word of mouth has been our best form of advertisement and Professional Truck Drivers, Companies with a fleet of vehicles, as well as some smaller city emergency vehicles and police who want quality and dependability and not spend $5000 per system. 

Our main supplier has been manufacturing video recording systems since 1990 for Professionals worldwide.

I cannot count the times I have been told by a customer they wish they had found my website earlier before wasting money on cheaper cameras that break easily, have critical seconds lost between segments, or lock up and have to have the "reset" button pressed.  Our cameras don't have or need a reset button.

More than one has told me they had already been through 1 or more of the cheaper cameras and are tired of wasting money. I don't blame them. I wasted a lot testing other cameras myself.

Most important is our service and availability before and after the sale. Even beyond the warranty period. I am personally available to help you with any issue and resolve it when I can. I am a computer technician as well as Surveillance Vidoe Installer and I can talk you through just about anything we need to.

Sometimes I may be on the phone and have to return your call or unavailable. But you can be sure I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Everyone should have and can benefit from having a Dash Camera in their vehicle. It is our belief that providing only quality products and support is the only way to run a business and we will continue to operate that way.  

How can a business sell a new camera for under $100 of any quality? Considering all the costs associated with acquiring the unit and the factory making it, it must be of the cheapest quality components available. Our units are made from materials based on quality and reliability, not the cheapest available.

There is a difference that one can readily tell with our camera in one hand and a $69.99 camera in the other. That is why we won't insult our product inventory nor your money with any of them! I have seen cameras as low as $49 or even less.  Are you kidding me? Why would I or anyone for that matter put any faith in one of those for such important protection? 

I have a few of the cheaper cameras still sitting around. The Video Quality is good, but the camera is just not dependable. The internal battery no longer holds a charge so it cannot save the file when the power is shut off. You have made the decision to protect yourself. Don't compromise quality to save a few bucks. 

We offer a 2560 x14400p HD quality dash cam   for  $130.00 ready to go with every thing needed   CBN33

I am sure we have a system that can meet your needs.  

Call me if you have any questions.  Ward 214-766-6008