Video Presentation of Our Dash Cams

Buying something online is not the same as in person where you can hold and feel the item. I understand that just pictures are not really a good display of the product.
So I decided to take one of the dash cams(VC-127) and use it to create a video of our current selection. 
     Now, I want to be upfront. I'm not one that likes being on camera. And I can assure you this is not a professionally produced advertisement. It's just me (Ward Steinbach) picking up and holding each model and telling you a little about it and comparing it to the other models.
     I hope that it gives you somewhat of an idea of the size of each camera and a virtual feel of each unit. It is hard to grasp the size unless you hold it. Perhaps this will help.
     I truley wish each of you could hold the camera in your hand and check them out. I am confident you would immediately feel the quality and workmanship of each unit and know you are buying a well built dashcam.
     I am sure that would finalize the decision to purchase one of our cameras. We just won't settle for anything less in our inventory. We are serious about owning a dash cam and think everyone driving our roads today can and should benefit from one. We recommend you buy from a company that is focused on quality. The VideoCopilot is just that.
     I did not include the VC-400 in this video. I will make one for it later.


If you would just like to skip to a specific model, I have listed the approximate time slot each would be in.
CBN12- 1st
VC-127- 1:08
E22 , VC150, E05a- 2:08
VC250/E07- 4:45
12v Splitter Installation- 6:00
MDE09- 7:30
Cameras AVN351,737- 9:00
360 mount installation- 11:15
E10 4 Channel- 13:00
MD657 360° Panaramic System- 14:20 
Once again, I know this is not a professionally produced presentation. But I sincerely hope it is of some benefit in helping to know more about our cameras and the quality of them. 
Ward Steinbach
As always, if you have any questions at all, shoot me an email, call my cell phone, 214-766-6008, or click the need help tab on the left side of your screen. I am not always able to answer the chat and I leave it on so I can get messages if needed.