Videos Shared by Our Customers

Captured with our first generation VC-250 that is not HD purchased May 2011 by Joe F in Texas

This is a short clip of a driver that caused a serious multi vehicle accident whe she forced

anothercar to swerve to keep from getting hit and caused them to hit another vehicle.

He followed the woman and provided the information to the Police.

This is a Wreck I had 4/2/14. It totaled my Toyota Prius and I got a concussion. I showed the video

to the Police on the scene and they wrote other driver a ticket. The video is stopped just prior

to the impact. All vehicles on my side had protected green light. I use the E05 camera.


Video captured with an E05 HD Dash Cam shared by Daniel L.  The lady wandering around in the road

seems to have distracted a driver in the Gold truck running a red light in the left turn lane at 

12:34:14 time stamp. He gets T boned by the white car. Far left part of the video.


Video captured with a VC-128 shared by Shawn R.  The Big Rig on the left even ran a red light.


Head On Wreck taken with a VC-250HD

Incredible Video !!   Taken with a VC-250 Dash Cam before the HD version was released. The driver said it looked like the other guy was having some sort of seizure.

Parking Lot Fender Bender 

Taken years ago with the VC-100 at a Truck Stop. Another trucker hits the left front of a new rig while backing up next to him. He was confronted in the coffee shop by the local police and the driver.

Imagine his shock when he was told it was caught on a dash cam. A $250 investment saved his boss around $5000 in damages.


Rear Ended waiting at a Red Light   VC-250 

Driver Pulls Right out in Front of Truck Driver  VC-100 Dash Cam

No end to the Idiots found on our highways. Submitted by a VC-128 Owner